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"Thank you both for getting our book together for us and sending so quickly! Just reviewed it and seems like it's top notch as always! Christine and I send you both our utmost gratitude and love. I may have some questions coming up next week but wanted you to know that we appreciate you both for all of the years of being with us!!! Love you!"
Paul Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills, CA
Did you know?

The healthcare industry has one of the highest rates of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in private industry.

With hazards like bloodborne pathogens, aerosol transmissible diseases, waste management, infection control, injury and illness prevention, emergency preparedness, and HazCom-GHS, it’s no wonder why. Healthcare is a risky business – high risk that is highly regulated; OSHA training compliance is a crucial component to ensure the continued safety of patients and staff. But what is healthcare compliance and why is it important?

That’s where we come in. National OSHA Training is a partnership between The Compliance Training Group and Medical Compliance Consulting. Our online OSHA training for healthcare workers is designed to provide professionals in this industry with the proper knowledge and skills regarding safety and health. These OSHA courses are developed for healthcare organizations and will help to ensure your staff has the knowledge and skills to work safely and protect your organization from reportable injuries and lost work time. These interactive, self-paced courses are available on demand for workers when their busy work schedules permit.

Keep your company and employees out of risk with online OSHA training for healthcare professionals. All courses are mobile compatible and include audio narration, interactivities, knowledge checks and a final assessment. Learners receive a certificate of completion when they pass each course.

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We Provide Comprehensive, 100% Online OSHA-Authorized Training. Take Courses on Your PC, Phone, or Tablet — Anytime, Anywhere!

Delivering the right training to the right audience at exactly the right time is critical in evolving employee understanding with the changing regulatory environment. When ethics and compliance training is delivered once a year, independently of other initiatives, it is not as impactful as it could be. Give your employees the tools they need to learn and retain the information through interactive, bite-sized courses. When you do, you will have an effective, ongoing program that exceeds certification or training requirements and builds trust in your organization.